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As a provider of risk management oriented products and services, RMS launched our rmsQuantify™ division to address our clients’ need for third party, non-vested interest appraisals of any size property loss of a Residential or Commercial property.

In 2010, rmsQuantify™, was formed with a Property Appraiser based in Edmonton, Alberta. 
In 2014, with acquisition of Evaluate Canada, we expanded our portfolio to include offices in several different provinces. Through organic growth, strategic acquisition, and a suite of complementary service offerings, we have been able to expand our geographical footprints to all regions of the country. rmsQuantify™ has the national presence to handle accounts of any size and complexity with confidence.

Our vision is to provide best in class service excellence through innovative, customized risk solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and special requirements of its customers through an integrated, streamlined, and synergized solution. 

Our competitive advantage is through our people which includes engagement, training, communication and development. 

Whether a property is effected by fire, smoke, water, impact, hail, ice dam or sewer back up, rmsQuantify™ is the appraisal solution for you and your customer.